Top 10 home remedies for underarm sweating

Remedies For Excessive Underarm Sweating

Sweating is the body’s natural technique of cooling down when exposed to humidity, or the nervous system’s reaction towards anxiety and emotional disturbances. Sweat glands are responsible for releasing perspiration out of the skin and majority are concentrated in the hands, feet and underarms making these areas more prone to wetness. Underarm sweating is an annoying condition when exacerbated by the bacteria present in the skin and underarm hair increasing the susceptibility of releasing unpleasant odor.Home remedies for underarm sweating are easy option to minimize this problem.

Causes & Symptoms

Causes: Exposure to hot or humid temperature, emotional stress, underlying health condition like diabetes, gout, menopausal or obesity

Symptoms: Excessive sweating specifically on the underarm that is sometimes accompanied with foul smell and skin discoloration in the affected area

Best 10 Home Remedies For Underarm Sweating

The biggest challenge when experiencing excessive armpit sweating is on the personal and social aspect of a person. There are a lot of excessive sweating treatments available are also inexpensive antiperspirant alternative.

1. Sage

remedies for sweating

Sage tea is known in treatment of hot flashes and night sweating in women on the onset of menopausal. It can also be an effective natural antiperspirant to stop sweaty armpits by keeping the body dry and reduce body temperature and odor whether in its tea form or eaten fresh.

  • Boil 1 cup of water.
  • Add 1 tablespoon fresh sage or ½ teaspoon if using dried.
  • Let steep 3-5 minutes.
  • Add honey or lemon if desired.

This is not for pregnant and lactating women, diabetics, hypertensive, hypotensive, hormone sensitive condition (e.g. cancer). Do not use 2 weeks before any scheduled surgery.

2. Lemon Juice and Baking Soda

These ingredients helps stop sweaty armpits and leave a pleasant smell. It kills bacteria on the skin and hair and prevents it from growing exponentially by keeping the underarms dry and fresh.

  • Make a paste with baking soda and lemon juice.
  • Rub the mixture into the area after a bath.

Light skinned people are prone to sunburn by using lemon juice. Use sunblock.

3. Chickweed

Chickweed for sweating

Chickweed has diuretic attributes that is useful in proper fluid flow in the body to be eliminated through urination. It is also cooling in nature and is used in treating obesity which is also responsible for excessive sweating.

  • Pour in a powdered leaves in a cup of water.
  • Boil and simmer for 10 minutes.
  • Drink three times a day regularly.

Chickweed has no known reliable information regarding contraindications. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid using this for safety.

4. Chamomile 

Some home remedies for underarm sweating is working to prevent excessive perspiration but he effect of chamomile in reducing sweating is directed as calming property to the nervous system. It has astringent property that limits the sweat glands’ activity and counteract body odor.

  • Add 1 teaspoon of chamomile in 1 cup of water.
  • Allow to steep for 10 minutes.
  • The decoction can be drank or applied directly on the underarms to limit the sweating.

This is not intended for pregnant and lactating women, hormone-sensitive conditions, pre-surgery and people allergic to daisy and ragweed family.

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5. Tragacanth Gum

Remedy for sweat glands

The action of this gum extracted from a shrub is reversible, cooling the body in summer, and heating it up in winter. Due to its cooling effect, it is oftentimes used as ingredient in ice creams in some places to fend off extreme body heat, as in underarm sweating.

  • Soak 5 grams of tragacanth gum overnight to soften.
  • Add it to a glass of milk.
  • Add ice and sugar to taste.
  • Drink this every day to ward off excessive sweating.

Tragacanth gum is not intended for people allergic to Quillaia bark as it might cause breathing problems. It might cause blockage of the intestines if not taken with plenty of water.

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